Suction Collator | DSC-10/20


The DSC-10/20 is a high performance suction feed vertical collator, ideal for the demands of the short run, fast turnaround print market. The high speed DSC-10/20 features deep capacity bins for high production and an optical straight/offset stacker for collating sets.

Suction Collator DSC-10/20
Machine type
Floor type vertical suction collator
The number of bins to be collated
10 bins/unit
Maximum number of units connectable Up to 2 units

Feeding system

Belt suction feed system

Covenyance system
Roller belt convenyance system
Maximum paper loading volume
35 mm in height
Paper size Min.139.7(W)×210(L)mm



Paper quality

Fine qulaity, Art/coated

Paper weight Fine quality paper
52 to 157 gsm
Art/Coated paper
79 to 157 gsm
※ Several restrictions are applied to paper exceeding 157to 250 gsm for fine quality paper and 157 to 210 gsm for art/coated paper

Paper type


Processing speed
7,200 sets/h
Additional functions
Check mode(separation air, pick-up air), Alternate mode, Block mode(1/2, 1/4), Interleaf insert mode, Paper eject direction (left/right), Waiting mode, Manual paper feed(when using LUL-HM), Reject function(when using LUL-HM)
Power supply
AC 120 V 60 Hz, AC 220 to 240 V 50/60 Hz
Power consumption
8.1A – 4.2A
Dimensions 770(W)× 780(D)× 1,708(H)mm