Sheet Feeder | DSF-2200


DSF-2200 sheet Feeder is the ideal solution for short and medium runs. DSF-2200 proudly offers superior feeding performance employing vacuum belt feeding mechanism, plus static eliminator device and air-knife sheet separation ensure accurate and consist feeding. The OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) devices detect the end of document even when each set has a different number of sheet. DSF-2200 is designed to feed pre-collated stock at 200 sheet/min. (maximum) to the downstream unit.

Sheet Feeder DSF-2200
Machine type
Floor type Sheet Feeder
Maximum paper loading volume


Tray A (Upper tray)
65 mm
Tray B (Lower tray)
200 mm


Paper size Width
105 to 356 mm
200 to 508 mm

Number of bins

2 bins

Paper quality


Fine quality paper
52.3 to 300 gsm
Art/Coated paper
79 to 300 gsm
Processing speed A4 (SEF)
200 sheets/min
A3 (SEF)
154 sets/min

Additional functions

Static Eliminator, End mark function, Alternate Bin Feeding



When the stand-alone use / stored
920(W)× 750(D)× 843.5(H)mm
When the DSF-2200+DBM-350+DBM-350T use / stored
3,100(W)× 750(D)× 1,576(H)mm

Power Supply

AC 120 V 60 Hz, AC 220 to 240 V 50/60 Hz

Power consumption
260W 2.2A(120V) / 1.1A(220 to 240V)
Option Barcode Kit, Trail edge air kit, preloading kit, PC arm mount, PC controller, Extension tray kit