RISO CV 3230


Savings in print costs

The CV series makes prints from a master. As a result, the more pages generated from each master the lower the cost per print, making it highly economical for medium- to high-volume printing.

high productivity

High-speed printing of 130 ppm

The CV series provides high-speed printing of up to130 ppm which means 500 pages in less than 4 minutes.

USB flash drive
print drum

Convenient PC connectivity via USB

Inbuilt USB PC interface enables easy connection to a PC.

Direct printing with a USB flash drive

You can print directly from the data saved in a USB flash drive. This is convenient when the machine is not connected to a PC or network. Also, printing directly from original data ensures better printing quality.

Easy access to the print drum

Changing ink color is simple yet effective to emphasize the original. The design allows quick and easy removal and replacement of the print drum. This helps minimize interruption at busy times.


·       Paper saving

– 2-Up printing

Reduces paper by printing two originals onto one sheet of paper.

– Direct printing

No need to prepare an original before printout. Direct data processing prevents paper wastage.


Improved image processing and resolution provide unmatched print quality at this price point

High-quality printing is achieved by using a higher-resolution thermal head which is normally employed in higher models. The new light source delivers improved color reproducibility of Red and Bright Red. Also the tonality and resolution have been improved at the highlight range thanks to the enhanced error-diffusion processing.

Ink color variations

A range of colors can meet the needs of a variety of print jobs.


– Energy-saving system

With the introduction of auto power shut-off and auto sleep functions, the CV series supports energy saving.

– ENERGY STAR® certified
– Complies with the ErP directive in Europe
– Consumes less power and produces less heat

The CV series consumes much less power for printing than general B&W photocopiers/laser printers.