Megabind 420 PUR

The Megabind 420 PUR-Melt semi-automatic bookbinder machine is one of the most cost effective professional semi-automatic PUR binding machines in the world. It is a member of the LAMIBIND family of products; and has all the necessary functions and more that are required by a medium size printing shop.This machine is equipped with a unique “high pressure” closed PUR application system, which has made RIGO binders the envy of all other digital PUR binding manufacturers. Both the spine and side-glue application is PUR. Moreover it is also a hybrid machine as both EVA and PUR glues can be used in this machine. It is the perfect machine for fast turn around and higher volume PUR binding.

The 2kg candle provides good production flow, high efficiency and less waste! For PUR application, spine preparation is the most important factor. Therefore the machine is equipped with special slitting knives mounted on a precision milling disk which provides the optimum preparation for the bonding surface.

The milling disk height is adjustable via the touchscreen; up to 3mm (0,08”) can be cut off from the spine of the document. The Megabind is supplied with an automatic cover feeding system with integrated creasing for the spine and hinges. With its user friendly touch-screen this machine helps every operator to make professional quality books very easily. From this user friendly interface it is simple and easy to adjust the milling height, binding time, glue length regulation and the cover feeder. Reliable components are the backbone of every great machine; therefore we have implemented to use the most stable electronics.