Newline I

Take collaboration to the next level with a single impressive interactive display. TRUTOUCH lets you experience meetings and presentations on a touch screen that redefines clarity. With multi-Touch technology on a larger scale, TRUTOUCH displays allow multiple team members to work on the screen at once. Simply annotate on images, utilizes a basic whiteboard application and more without needing to download software to any of your own devices.


High Resolution

The TRUTOUCH line of Full-HD LED Multi-Touch displays is designed to increase productivity across the board. Screen display up to Full HD 1080P for high quality videos and pictures. Backlit LED displays provide the sharpest and clearest image for you to show off your innovation. When it comes to an eye-catching display, TRUTOUCH is the clear choice


Each TRUTOUCH model comes with multiple HDMI, USB, and A/V inputs as well as component connections for microphones, speakers, and multimedia players. TRUTOUCH is optimized to work seamlessly with Newline’s award-winning IdeaMax software. IdeaMax takes productivity to the next level to bring your next big idea to life. Some of the features include whiteboarding and screen capture.


Trutouch supports up to 10 points multi touch. This allows multiple students/presenter to write onto the board simultaneously.