Mobile Showroom

Galaxy Automation recently launched its brand new ComColor Mobile Showroom. This mobile showroom is retrofitted to fit 1 unit of latest ComColor, the world’s fastest inkjet printer with the lowest cost per print in the market. With the new mobile showroom, we can let customer experience the fastest and most economical printing technology in the world by bringing the machine to customer office quickly.


The ComColor Mobile Showroom is brand new Maxus V80 that’s been retrofitted into a showroom on wheels. Onboard is the latest ComColor High Speed Eco-Friendly printer. Customer can experience onsite printing of flyers, posters and documents needed by these organizations for free.


Keep an eye out for the new ComColor Mobile Showroom as it makes its way around the country. Call us up for a FREE demonstration, and the ComColor Mobile Showroom will come to you at no cost!

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