HP PageWide Pro

Business moves fast, and slowing down means falling behind. It’s why HP built the next generation of HP PageWide—to power productivity with a smart, efficient design that delivers affordable color, maximum uptime, and strong security


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Stabilized Paper Feed


The dependable print quality, speed, and reliability of HP PageWide printers is made possible by HP Scalable Printing
Technology (SPT)—the latest generation of HP Thermal Inkjet technology that employs ultra-precise and proven
materials, design rules, and manufacturing processes.



HP PageWide Technology gets its speed by printing in a single pass, but achieving reliable quality requires innovation and advanced technologies in printheads, printhead service stations, inks, and paper transport.



Moving the paper

A sheet printed on one side (simplex) moves up against the left door guide, passes under the writing system assembly, and exits face down to the output bin. A duplex-printed sheet moves up against the left door guide, then reverses and passes under the duplexing unit (not shown), following the same path taken by sheets coming from the multipurpose tray (tray 1)