Foldnak Compact Line

The Foldnak Compact Line will create a production line in which booklets are collated, stapled, folded, squarepressed and then pressed and trimmed. Developed specifically for digital printers, the Foldnak Compact Line minimizes the inevitable manual labour involved in booklet making. It is an efficient solution for users who do not wish an online finishing of the sheets after digital printing. The Foldnak Compact Line works faster than a digital printing press and can therefore feed print output from multiple presses. It works with all printers and digital presses and will not become outdated when other machinery does. A sorter at the printer is unnecessary, since the Robo-Feeder automatically separates the stacked sheets into sets. The feeder reliably processes booklets of up to 100 pages and cover sheets printed digitally or using offset.


There are four modules work in line for high-quality booklet making in the Foldnak Compact Line. The Robo-Feeder reliably processes the print products via Collecting Bridge to the Foldnak Compact for stapling, folding and trimming. The SP 100 Compact presses the booklet spine into a square shape, which gives the stapled booklet the look of an immaculate binding. The Foldnak Compact Line for premium booklet making is particularly suited for digital or offset printing agencies and everybody who wants to produce high-quality booklets in frequently changing print runs.



The Robo-Feeder is the perfect choice for booklet making in the digital printing business: it works reliably, efficiently and it is independent from the printer. The Robo-Feeder reduces the cost and man-power involved in booklet making: Due to its short set-up times, this special feeder is particularly suited for small, medium, and frequently changing run lengths in digital printing. Its versatility enables digital print shops to process even highly specialized jobs at a profit.


An important feature of the Robo-Feeder is the insertion of heavy cover stock. The feeder allows the combination of black-and white printed sheets and coloured cover sheets without any problems. The separate suction and blast air adjustment ensures a gentle processing of digital prints and prevents marks on sensitive surfaces. The optional mark reader supports fault detection in case of a wrong order of sheets, thereby reducing spoilage. It also allows the user to produce booklets with different numbers of sheets. This function is valuable for personalized prints in particular.


The Robo-Feeder feeds sets into the Foldnak Compact without operator assistance. A generous capacity of 1,300 sheets (80 gsm) makes frequent reloading unnecessary.

Collection Bridge

The new Collection Bridge makes it possible for the Robo-Feeder to operate with bookletmakers as the Foldnak Compact. The Collection Bridge can be selected and controlled via the display of the Foldnak Compact. It is tuned and adjusted with the Robo-Feeder paper format and speed.

Foldnak Compact Online

The Foldnak Compact combines the functions of booklet making and trimming in a single and compact unit. With one of the widest range of formats in its class, it is particularly suited for small, medium and frequently changing numbers in digital or offset printing.

SP100 Compact

The SP100 Compact refines booklets accurately and quickly. The booklet spine is still pressed into a square shape, which gives the stapled booklet the look of a high-quality binding. The SP100 Compact forms the spine of the stapled booklet to give it a look of a high-quality perfect bind. The spine can be printed on and the booklets no longer spring open, therefore making storage and packing much easier.