Express Plus

The new Fastbind Express Plus is the most multifunctional but still portable bookbinding station. This ultra-compact unit includes several finishing options: FotoMount lay-flat, BooXTer binding, creasing, case making. With the Express Plus, you produce fully personalized beautiful hard covers – up to 12”x12”-, as well as CD/DVD/Blu-ray cases, menus, wall art, ring binders and more using the case-making tool. You bind both single-sided and duplex prints. Single-sided prints are made into premium 180-degree-opening FotoMount albums. Duplex prints are stapled into strong and beautiful books with the BooXTer tool. To help folding prints easily, the creasing tool is also included.


Express Plus: Hard Cover Book

Fastbind Express Plus is a four-in-one solution: creasing, linear stapling, case making and photo book mounting. You produce customized, fully printed hard covers in minutes, using your design, your printer, and your imagination! The finished cover can be any size or orientation, up to 30 x 30 cm. Fastbind can supply all the consumables for your covers, from inkjet or laser printable tacking paper in sheets or rolls to the grey boards and spines.

Express Plus: BooXTer Binding

You can create premium hard cover albums on the versatile ultra compact Express Plus binding station. The process is simple: Place a pair of BooXter endpapers in front and back of your content. Staple the block using the stapling guides. Position your content in the center of the cover thanks to the powerful positioning magnets. Peel of the endpapers. Your personalised hard cover book is ready!

Express Plus: FotoMount Binding

One of the applications of this versatile device is the FotoMount process. You use the Express Plus first to fold and crease your printed spreads. Then, you install the FotoMount back wall and mount your content by alternating mounting sheets and printed spreads – with a end paper at the front and back of the content block. You can use any material for your prints, including photographic paper, card or laminated paper and you always obtain a premium photo book that opens 180 degrees flat with edge-to-edge panoramic pages.